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Christ Cathedral is a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Orange County who wants to see the region’s treasures. For the faithful, it is the endpoint of a pilgrimage. For others, it is an architectural wonder. And for all, it is the epicenter of a celebration of art and culture. Docents at the Cultural Center assure your visit aligns with your interests.

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about christ cathedral

Christ Cathedral inspires individuals from all faiths with its profound celebration of God’s magnificence. Through worship and cultural enrichment, it continues the service to God’s people that began with Rev. Robert Schuller’s drive-in ministry so many decades ago while serving those of great faith today and in the future. The most significant aspects of the Roman Catholic Church’s rich liturgical heritage and traditions are embodied in the transformation of Christ Cathedral now underway.

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Young Rev. Robert Schuller began preaching while perched on top of the snack bar at the Orange Drive-In Theater in 1955. Sixty years later the mission, one that began as one man’s ministry, has grown into a global destination for Christians. The rich history of the former Crystal Cathedral, now Christ Cathedral, has been and continues today to be a journey of faith.

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Noted as an inspiring structure by renowned architects, the soaring steel and glass church originally named the Crystal Cathedral was built in 1980. Today, under the ownership of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, a transformation is underway to convert the former structure into a place of worship for Catholics. Now Christ Cathedral, the renovation continues to be studied by architectural enthusiasts from all over the world.

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The leaders of Christ Cathedral Parish are dedicated to guiding and supporting you on your journey of faith. Please feel free to contact us.

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