Episode 2 Dr. Paul Jacobs, David Ball, Michael Hey

Episode 2 Dr. Paul Jacobs, David Ball, Michael Hey


Hear from one of the finest organists in the world about his life, his early days becoming an organist, studying at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia, his amazing career as both famous teacher and concert artist.  As a Grammy-winning artist, Dr. Jacobs tells of his grand projects, from the playing of the complete works of Bach at the age of 23, to commissioning works for and playing with the most famous orchestras around the country.  He will be joined by two of his students who now play for two of the largest churches in the country, St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York and Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove, CA.  This is a fascinating look these great musicians in both the concert world and the world of Sacred Music in the church.  As fierce champions for the Pipe Organ, and as performers on some of the largest and greatest organs in the country, hear their predictions for the future of the organ in the church and in concerts halls.


Segment 1    Fugue in D Major, BWV 532    J. S. Bach   Recorded LIVE at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, NYC


Segment 2:  American Mavericks Album:  Lou Harrison: Concerto for Organ and Percussion Orchestra, San Francisco Symphony, Michael Tilson Thomas, Conductor, Paul Jacobs, Organist   Fourth Movement.


Segment 3: Livre du Saint Sacrement:  III. Le Dieu cache (The Hidden God), Olivier Messiaen, Paul Jacobs’s GRAMMY-winning album


Segment 4:, Divine Redeemer Album:  Christine Brewer, Soprano, Paul Jacobs, Organ, 12 Pieces, Op. 59:  No 6Fugue in D Major, Max Reger